Who we are


What’s gucci? I’m Matt, the head of A&R at Trauma Music. When I’m not cradling my loser heart to the sound of The 1975, The Last Shadow Puppets and late 80s R’n’B, I front the recruitment process and directly liaise with all the artists we work with on behalf of the company.

My aim with Trauma is to be part of a movement that encourages people to act and create in an organic manner. Music brings everybody together and even though as millennials living our lives through screens, lenses and ‘likes’, we believe we can achieve our goal of re-engaging visceral connections from humans to music by working with artists who are driven by their passion for the organic and real emotions evoked from their art.

I also dabble in fashion, literature, and embarrassing the rest of the Trauma gang on nights out with my dad dancing once I’ve had a few too many vodkas.

Twitter: @mbsgrv
Instagram: @mbsgrv


If you need an in depth knowledge of the Avant Garde music scene from the 1950’s to current day I am your MAN, but moving on…

I am the head of Press at Trauma Music. This means I spend most of my time drinking over-priced coffee and staring out of windows imagining which actor would play me in an movie, currently I’m thinking of Daniel Day-Lewis to take the role?

But seriously, I get so much joy creating ideas with acts and being a part of their journey through music. I live and breathe music, diving into new genres and acts.

I am currently helping the rest of Trauma Music on nights out by supplying the sarcasm and Jagerbombs. Or you can see my by the DJ Booth trying to get Mr. Roboto by The Styx played.


Twitter: @EllsGib94

Instagram: @EllsGib



Hey I’m Geo, and my main role at Trauma Music is making and organising our bookings. The way I see it, all that’s needed to put on a rad show is a good venue, good music and some awesome supporters! Though I’m always on the lookout for those things, I also write about shows, interview musicians and am more than partial to a good G&T. Aside from that you might catch me hanging out at a gig somewhere along the South Coast. If you do, come say hi, I promise I’m friendly (most of the time).


Twitter: @WordsByGeo

Instagram: @geodevill