What we do

We aim to capitalise on the talent both local and beyond who not only hone in on their organic musical ability, but also carry the same belief in our ethos as we do, which is restoring the bridge between humans and their appetite for honest and natural music. We are shaping the company in such a way that we can act as a springboard for these new artists, in that we provide them with all the tools (inc. management, press, bookings) to get a healthy head start at the beginning of their careers to develop in a way that is the most prosperous to them.

With Trauma Music what we believe is going to make us stand out, is the benefit of being able to manage all affairs in-house and through (if preferred) just one person, who will communicate their preferences to the relevant departments on their behalf.

We also offer ‘springboard deals’, in the form of 3-12 month agreements whereby we work towards achieving the goals of each individual artist for a set period.

Within this frame, the artist will have full access to all branches of Trauma on top of management, and when the time period is up they can decide if they want to continue on with us, or if they perhaps want to find management elsewhere but still continue to be promoted/booked by us, or if they want to move on completely.